Ursa & Equid – August 22, 2015

Sometimes you get the opportunity and you don’t even know right away that you’re taking the shot of a lifetime.  I was just hanging out at the beach with my family, around a bonfire, and these ponies came up to the top of the dunes to check out the weather.  I literally sprinted to my car to get my camera (the phone just wasn’t cutting it) and in almost complete darkness knelt (in dog poop, I might add) to photograph these ponies as I’ve done almost every summer for the last five years or so – and the stars quite literally aligned for me to get this shot.

Shot on a Canon Rebel t2i, .5 second shutter, f2.8, 17mm focal length just after 9pm on August 22, 2015.

Ursa & Equid - Art Photography

Wild ponies in Assateague Island National Park catch the remaining breezes and sunlight on the beach underneath the starry sky.

I have made this photo available to purchase as a canvas or print from my favorite printing company, ProDPI.  They make the best prints I’ve ever seen.  Ordering is through Etsy.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this particular photo will be happily donated to the Assateague Island Alliance.  They are a “friends” organization that assists the Park Service in taking care of the Island and its inhabitants by fundraising, hosting different programs through the year, etc.

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